empire zoysia vs zenith zoysia

Zenith is similar to Meyer in many respects, including blade width and color. It grows rapidly, with a dense growth habit, and tolerates light shade. Nature Hills Nursery offers plugs of Zenith zoysia. EMPIRE is a blue-green turfgrass that has a wider blade than most other zoysias (slightly broader than Meyer Zoysia) and grows in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions. Palisades zoysia is a vegetatively reproduced zoysia that is suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs. So, knowing zoysia is slower growing and can take heat, I bought a bag of Zenith zoysia seed and planted a plot of it on a bare patch of my backyard as a trial plot. EMPIRE™ Zoysia Turf grows really well across Queensland and Northern NSW and provides a lawn grass which is easy to look after. Standard lawn grass species are cool-season grasses that thrive during the cool, moist weather of spring and fall. These grasses are typically used for lawns or general turf areas. flounder – posted 10 May 2007 14:36. Empire Turf is as hardy as it is attractive, and has a deep, thick root structure. • It’s good to plant on slopes. Empire Zoysia, a selected native cultivar of Zoysia Japonica, chosen specifically for its ability to reduce production costs while demonstrating very desirable growth characteristics. Zoysia Japonica’s will struggle through the colder months in southern areas of Australia. They are usually a blend of several hybrids that offer different qualities. Empire zoysia grass – Medium-width leaf blade. I am curious if there is any different spring care I should apply than my previous st aug. Legacy post . Meyer zoysia grass – Dark green color with a fine leaf texture. • At the same time, zoysia’s need for watering is far less than other types of grasses. El toro zoysia grass – Medium-bladed leaf texture. The United States was first introduced to Z. japonica in 1895. These off Zoysia varieties include Crown, Zenith, Jamur, and Meyers. We suggest using plugs because the seed is very slow to germinate, making it difficult to establish a lawn in one season. For delivery on pallets of more than 5 pallets, please call us at (919) 802-6100 for a quote. Zoysia Vs. Centipede Grass. 2016-05-11 . Zoysia Sod Vs. – Empire Zoysia has medium tolerance to shade and its durability allows Empire Turf to grow in full sun and up to 30% to 50% shade. The leaves of this grass are coarse in texture and are a light green in color. It is somewhat less dense, thus making it easier to mow. It is more drought tolerant than most varieties of zoysia grass, once established. Mostly sunny (5-7 … Reduced production costs are achieved by EMPIRE's rapid expansion rate, reproduction from rhizomes, and its natural chemical resistance for easier weed control. Latitude 36 offers outstanding cold hardiness, high traffic tolerance and exceptional visual quality. Zenith Zoysia. Compadre (Companion) can be established from seed or sod. Slightly wider in leaf width than Meyer Zoysia. The zoysia sprouted fine, but with more age and during the extreme heat of the summer, the grass blades became more and more chlorotic (light green, not deep green like the bermuda.) Zoysia Tenuifolia: This is the highest quality of zoysia sod. The variety is patented and must be sold as certified grass by licensed growers. • Zoysia is far more heat tolerant than other grasses. Although seed is available, this grass is usually established through s… I am trying to decide if I should go with either Emerald or Zenith Zoysia sod. There are 28 test sites in the United States, and one of them is located at NC State in Raleigh. Our trays have 70 plugs and will cover 70 sq. Emerald vs. Zenith. This is the only species of zoysiagrass that has seed commercially available. Japonica’s have a medium leaf texture, fair shade and wear tolerance and again are more suited to the warmer climates of Australia. Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass is a high quality, sterile triploid hybrid developed by Oklahoma State University. Zenith grows well in full sun or under light shade and has excellent heat and cold tolerance. Zoysia Sod Prices. Empire Zoysia will tolerate moderate shade. NC Sod and Mulch offers three varieties of Zoysia sod: Compadre, Empire and Meyer. How fast does Empire Zoysia spread? Emerald zoysia grass – Soft-texture with thin-bladed leaf. My yard is 500 sq ft and flat. It is always important for a potential Zoysia customer to check into the NTEP Trials (National Turf grass Evaluation Program). In this article, John Romine of Triangle Turf in Bay City, Texas, compares Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia grasses. Different Types and Varieties of Zoysia Grass. Zenith Zoysia resembles Tall Fescue more than any other zoysia and is more heat and drought tolerant than any Tall Fescue type. No Comments. Zenith ® zoysia is also an improved variety with excellent color and exhibits good cold tolerance. Zenith Zoysia sod is a great fit for both homes and commercial spaces. I live in Durham, NC. In low wear areas, Empire Zoysia will tolerate up to 50% shade, while in moderate to high wear areas it can tolerate up to 30% shade. Here Larry O'Neil explains the differences in Empire and Emerald Zoysia Grass. One japonica cultivar is Zenith, which the University of Hawaii says "ranked highest" nationally as a turf grass during 2003-2006 evaluation trials. It features excellent wear tolerance, requires less mowing and chemical applications, and is chinch bug resistant. It offers lush growth and produces a thick carpet of grass. Zoysia japonica: This particular species was introduced into the United States in the late 1800’s and is commonly called Japanese or Korean lawngrass. – Empire Zoysia grows at a slower rate compared to other grasses which means less maintenance and mowing. Zenith zoysia grass – Medium texture with dark green blade. It is perfect for those individuals who don’t like the thickness of a buffalo nor the fine leaf of a couch; Empire Zoysia sits right in the middle of these varieties in terms of its leaf width. Empire has good wear tolerance and thrives in hot and humid conditions. re: Zoysia - Empire vs. Palisades Posted by Cypdog on 3/26/19 at 9:26 am to Jester I was talked into zorro zoysia and I am happy with it 6 fall and winter months later. Emerald vs. Zenith. Empire Zoysia is Zoysia japonica (commonly known as Korean lawngrass, zoysiagrass or Japanese lawngrass) is a species of creeping, mat-forming, short perennial grass that grows by both rhizomes and stolons. Buffalo grasses like Sir Walter have an impressive shade tolerance and does a bit better than Empire Zoysia in this regard. Zoysia Farm Nurseries grows and distributes only the original, superior Meyer Z-52 strain of zoysia, under the name “Amazoy®.” In recent decades, some universities and private companies have tinkered with new zoysia strains, but all research to date indicates that improving some properties of the grass comes at the expense of others.

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